Surprise while kayaking in a dam Pchelina

How can we better diversify our lives while we are in nature?
After a long, busy week, we got organized and went on a kayak trip. They instructed us, warmed up well and entered the beautiful dam. The sun was setting, the lake was surrounded by greenery, just great!

We are kayaking and let the fun begin now! …


… and as we were kayaking around the dam … suddenly what did we see?! …


… junk, tons of junk! Most of the shore of the dam was full! We didn’t expect to see such a thing.


We didn’t have any bags, gloves, tweezers or anything. We collected some by hand. Such a view is unpleasant and not normal for such a beautiful place.


Let’s do when we go picnicking in nature or even in the park in the city where we think “oh someone will clean it” and throw our junk on the ground … not to do it. Our country and planet are beautiful – let’s keep them that way forever!

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