What makes Resume T-shirts different from the rest?

1. Manufacture
Making a Resume T-shirt, compared to regular polyester T-shirts, saves 50% water and 100% oil, as it is made from 100% recycled water bottles.
Approximately 8 plastic water bottles are required to make one T-shirt. They are color-coded and recycled, then melted and filamented. Threads are made of fabric that is sewn in Bulgaria.

2. Design
The design of the T-shirts is hand-made with a pencil by a professional. It contributes to the beauty and uniqueness
of the design. Special attention and attention is paid to every detail.
3. Quality
The fabric is certified by Global Recycle Standard and the shirts are made to European quality standards.
4.Zero waste
T-shirts save excess waste on nature. They are shipped without plastic bags, in a cardboard box that can be used after the delivery of the t-shirt. In addition, we use our recycled paper bags instead of the delivery plastic bags


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